About us

IVV-Americas is an educational not-for-profit organization created exclusively for physical fitness and promotion of public health and well-being of people through programs of non-competitive sport.

IVV-Americas is one of three continental associations of the International Federation of Popular Sports, in addition to IVV-Asia and IVV-Europe. IVV-Americas operates among the countries of the Americas, the Caribbean and the South Pacific.

Our Purpose

  • promote public health by encouraging non-competitive, family-oriented, lifetime outdoor sports activities.
  • stress the fun and exhilaration of these non-competitive sports:
    • walking, hiking, ‘tramping’, ‘bushwalking’, Nordic pole walking, etc.
    • cycling, mountain-biking
    • cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, skating
    • swimming, aqua-walking
    • canoeing, kayaking, rowing
  • promote peace and understanding among all peoples through friendships that develop between participants in popular sport events from different countries.
  • encourage and recognize individual achievement, and
  • promote environmental protection and conservation as a way to maintain a balance between the needs of popular sports and the environment.

IVV-Americas invites associations and clubs anywhere in North, Central or South America, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand and the many island nations [English or French-speaking] of the South Pacific to contact us about joining this new Association